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Friday, November 30, 2012

Four major tourist attractions in the winter in the North of Vietnam

If the domestic tourists from the Southern Vietnam have a chance to come out of the Northern Vietnam at this time, people should visit the following locations to fully feel the cold of winter.

The town of Sapa in Lao Cai

At any given time, the Sapa town is very beautiful and romantic. The beauty is associated with features of the high peace interspersed in the clouds and the fog disappear all fatigue and anxiety. That is why here and for a long time, it has been viewed as "a resort paradise".
Sapa in the winter

Located in a high position in comparison with the sea level, Sapa is cold all time. But It is especially coldest in the winter with negative temperature a few degrees. With this cold weather, some visitors do not choose this place ought to be at this time. However, the difference from those people, there are some other people think the opposite, they will be watching the ice on the grass in the early morning. Besides, there are few tourists come here in this season, so you will feel the life here with its inherent rhythm.

Tam Dao Town

If on the other seasons of the year, Tam Dao charm heart with the beauty of the three majestic mountains and pristine; they are hidden or appeared in clouds in the morning or afternoon. However, in the winter, its beauty becomes more poetic with the fanciful clouds are as standing in the visitor’s footsteps.

Tam Dao in the Winter

If you come here at this time, you are not afraid to do a little conquest of the mountain to feel an experience of the fun for climbing without sweating; or you can take the photos the fog and clouds. A small note for your climbing as: You should not have over a large number of coats, gloves, hats... Because it is only a few minutes later, all heated objects that it will become a burden on your itinerary.

Yen Tu Mountain

The Yen Tu mountain sacred mountain has marked strong in the heart of the fascinating myths and legends. It is a place to keep many historical sites known as "the land of Buddhism in Vietnam."
Yen Tu Mountain

There are two ways you can conquer the mountain; you can slowly climb up thousands of stone steps with mountainous roads within 6 hours (about 6000m); the second is for you to choose with walking and using the cable system to hook up the "gate of heaven" (2 times). Every way, you have a different interesting and experience. However, most of them are in common; it after your success about conquering the mountain happens, and the next few days, you will have the leg pain.

If you come here in the winter, in addition to a sense of the beauty of the mountains are at the time hidden in the clouds. And you are attracted by the beautiful landscape and the cold weather of the forest on the mountain path.

Mai Chau

The Mai Chau plateau is beautiful in the winter with the ice glittering streets, colorful wildflower ties, the graze cows on the vast steppe. The cold winter here in the smile, eyes shining, arms and lively spread dances.
Mai Chau in Hoa Binh in the winter

Besides, this plateau is also a series of other travel services for your experience such as exploring the Hoa Binh hydropower, conquer the bat cave... If you have time, you do not forget to visit Thung Nai, explore the Da Bac cave, soak in hot springs in Kim Boi.